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Top Users

Position User Campidu Points
1 MOSHOOD MUKTAR (Neophyte) 410
2 Oluwanimi Adeoye (Neophyte) 390
3 Ovie Knowledge (Neophyte) 380
4 Dentaco Cleaning Service (Neophyte) 370
5 Ada Ck (Neophyte) 370
6 BlackQueen Stitches (Neophyte) 370
Position User Campidu Points
Rank NameDescription
NeophyteBase rank.
ChieftainMust have at least 1000.
BaronMust have at least 5000.
ProfessorMust have at least 10000.
GrandMasterMust have at least 25000.
PatriarchMust have at least 50000.
VeteranMust have at least 100000.
Rank NameDescription
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